Change is inevitable, yet growth is optional has been an empowering mantra throughout my life.  I have found that there are two types of people: some people resist change out of fear of the unknown, while others embrace the unknown.  If you are reading an educational website, then you and I are the second type that looks towards the future with courage and optimism.  We are willing to step outside of our comfort zone to learn new skills in the undeniable truth that physical, mental, and spiritual growth is the greatest gift of true liberation you can give yourself.  

I have chosen this second path of personal growth and continually satisfied my curious mind.  I have always loved to learn new information, apply that knowledge to improve myself, and ultimately shared that wisdom with others.  Throughout my life, I have entertained many worthwhile hobbies and successful careers: ceramic pottery, yacht sailing, jewelry artist, snowboarding, pastry chef, road cycling, meditation, rock climbing, bartender, philosophy, scuba diving, yoga instructor, world traveler to 52 countries, and book author of 38 titles.

After five years of globetrotting across four continents, I decided to find a new home and follow my purpose to inspire others through word and action.  In Thailand, I stumbled into the creative job of teaching English classes and found it to be a rewarding experience.  Over the past four years, I have been teaching English classes to business professionals in the banking and technology sectors. I have been leading group classes at the Elementary, Pre-intermediate, and Intermediate levels, as well as private lessons with business executives at a more advanced level.

Indeed, I have lived a magical life and brought many dreams to reality, but I am also a dedicated academic scholar.  I have earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Washington University and a Master TEFL Certificate for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.  Although I try to have fun with the educational experience, I am very serious about teaching my ESL students correct pronunciation, sentence structure, and grammar.  Towards this goal, I have created dozens of custom handouts to supplement the educational textbooks that I use.  For your review, I am attaching my resume, university diploma, TEFL certificate, and a letter of reference

Please watch this introductory video on YouTube.  If you are motivated towards developing your English language skills with me, I would be happy to offer you a 30-minute free trial lesson.  Send me an email with your preferred time of day, and I will schedule a Zoom meeting.  During this trial lesson, I can determine your English skill level and evaluate your language weaknesses.  We can discuss your specific needs and develop an educational strategy to help you achieve your goals.  Thank you for your consideration and I will look forward to meeting you online.