Text Editing Service

I offer a professional English text editing service for my business clientele, from website text and formal letters to business reports and university admission essays.  As a published book author, I know how important it is to have an editor review your text, as another set of eyes can see a simple mistake that you have overlooked (i.e. your vs. you’re).  A good editor not only makes grammar and punctuation corrections but can also offer word-choice suggestions to impact your audience and constructive criticism on how to organize the text to achieve the stated objective.

Send me an email with your text as an attached Word document, along with your preferred time of day, and I will schedule a 30-minute free editorial session online with Zoom.

I regularly assist my ESL students and business clientele with the writing process, from brainstorming topics, structuring ideas, and outlining content to draft writing, re-writing, and polishing a final product.  Writing formats include: promotional website text, formal business email or letter, financial report writing, PowerPoint presentation, university admission essay, and printed book or digital eBook publishing.  Each of these format types is discussed in more detail below, but for all of these writing formats, the author needs to first address two important questions.

Who is your audience?
This is the first question you should ask yourself before you start writing, and will determine the formality, vocabulary, and formatting of your writing.  Consider the following aspects of your audience: age, gender, education, marital status, nationality, employment level, and income.

What is your objective? 
This is the second question you should ask yourself before you start writing, and will guide your writing style towards persuading the audience. Even a 30-minute speech can be summed up with a one-sentence conclusion that you want the audience to remember and take action upon.

Text Writing Formats

Promotional Website Text
The text for a website needs to be precisely worded to attract clients and gain their trust with professional content, influence a broader audience on social media platforms, as well as use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords to rank higher on search engines.

Formal Business Email or Letter
The text for a formal business email or letter needs to serve a specific function and follow an organized structure to maximize efficiency.  The structure moves from a polite greeting, reference, and reason for writing, to an action request, conclusion, respectful closure, and signature. 

Financial Report Writing
The text for financial report writing is difficult because it needs to use a ‘passive’ voice, where the action is more important than the person that did the action, as well as correctly use adjectives and adverbs to describe market trends, along with financial terminology and acronyms.

PowerPoint Presentation
The text on the PowerPoint slides needs to be minimal, so the audience is focused on the speaker.  However, the speaking text needs to be organized into a dynamic opening, introduction with a clear objective, facts that support the objective, and a motivational conclusion.

University Admission Essay
The text for a 3-5 paragraph essay needs to serve a specific function, such as convincing a university admissions board that the author is fluent in English and passionate about the subject they intend to study, as well as be correctly structured with a clear introduction, middle, and conclusion.

Printed Book or Digital eBook
I have authored five educational books that were printed by Random House in the USA, and even though the finished book was only 128 pages, the Word document of text was over 400 pages and I did five separate editorial revisions with two different editors.  I have also self-published 32 digital eBooks with the Amazon Kindle Publishing service and can help you navigate the process of publishing online.   

If you are motivated to improve your English writing skills, I would be happy to offer you a 30-minute free editorial sessionSend me an email with your text as an attached Word document, along with your preferred time of day, and I will schedule a Zoom meeting.  During this editorial session, we can discuss who is your audience, what is your objective, and develop a strategy to help you achieve your goals.  

Rate, Schedule, and Terms

For my editing time and teaching services by Zoom, I charge 600THB ($19) per hour.  I request that clients purchase editing time in 10-hour blocks.  I will work on your project in my available time between my previously scheduled classes but promise to have results promptly.

Because I charge an hourly rate, I can be as limited or as involved as the client wants me to be.  On the limited side, I can make grammar corrections, add punctuation, delete unneeded text, and make word-choice suggestions in a Word document by email.  If the client requests, I can schedule a Zoom meeting to walk them through all the changes so they understand the mistakes.  If the client requires, a second or third draft can go through the editorial process to polish the small details.  On the very involved side, I can assist you with publishing a book or eBook. 

Payment and Schedule

Teaching Calendar
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This calendar shows my available time in green, my scheduled class time in red, and my personal time in grey.  If you want to hire me as an editor, we should first have a 30-minute free editorial session to discuss your writing project and develop a strategy to help you achieve your goals.

If you agree, I will send you an email with the amount to be paid (minimum 10-hours) with my bank account information for payment.  I will send you a receipt of payment and begin working on your project in my available time between my previously scheduled classes.  Once I have completed the editorial process, I will send you an email with the edited Word document, the time used, and your time remaining from the initial 10-hour payment.  If you are satisfied with my services, please confirm the project’s completion, and I will refund the remaining time balance to your bank account.

However, if you would like me to take you step-by-step through the editorial changes so you fully understand the changes, I can schedule a Zoom meeting.  Furthermore, if you would like me to edit a future second or third draft of the text, we can continue to polish the small details.  Once the initial 10-hour deposit has been exhausted, I will stop working on the project, email you what I have completed up to the 10-hour limit, and ask you to make another 10-hour payment if you want me to continue working on the project.

Before you make a payment, you should download and review the Terms of Study PDF document, available in English and Thai.  By making a payment for editing services, you legally accept the Terms of Study.  I am an honest business person, but also need to protect myself from rude clients.

For added protection, if the text document to be edited has and technology secrets or confidential information, please complete this Editor Non-Disclosure Agreement PDF, and send it to me as an email attachment.  I do take all precautions from cyber-attacks by using the latest operating system updates, advanced firewall settings, and Anti-virus software with regular malware scans.